Cruise Job Directory

Cruise Job Directory is a comprehensive guide for cruise ship job seekers, providing the facts and guidance you need to navigate the recruitment process and successfully find your dream job!

How to Apply for a Cruise Job

Understand how and where to apply for a cruise ship job based on the position you are interested in.
Cruise Jobs in Hotel
Cruise Jobs in Entertainment
Cruise Jobs in Marine and Technical
The Application Process

Resumes for Cruise Ship Jobs

Do you need help with your resume?  Here are a couple of resume services that I offer.
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Customized Resume for a Cruise Ship Job $75

Cruise Job Events

Throughout the year, cruise lines and their hiring partners offer applicants opportunities to meet recruiters. These recruitment days can be in the form of a job fair, an audition, a career event, or a specific day of scheduled interviews.
Job Fairs and Career Events
Cruise Job Interview Days
Cruise Ship Auditions

Cruise Line Employment Information

The Cruise Line Employment Info page lists 70+ cruise lines (both ocean-going and river cruise jobs), complete with company profiles, website links, contact information, and how to apply for cruise jobs with them.

Directory of Authorized Cruise Line Hiring Partners

This directory includes 80+ countries where cruise lines have recruitment partners. Most cruise lines work with a global network of hiring partners to assist with their recruitment needs. This Directory of Authorized Cruise Line Hiring Partners only lists the agencies that are APPROVED by the cruise lines and are therefore monitored by the cruise lines’ corporate offices. Avoid falling prey to a cruise ship employment scam by only working with approved hiring partners.

Cruise Line Concessionaire Partners

Cruise Line Concessionaires sell services and products on board cruise ships in such departments as the Casino, Gift Shops, Spa, Photo, and Medical. These cruise line business partners also independently recruit, train, and schedule their staff on board the ships they operate on.

Other Cruise Job Resources

Training for Cruise Ship Jobs
Directory of Maritime Colleges
Cruise Ship Life



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