Medical Tests Required for Cruise Ship Jobs

Medical Requirements for Cruise Ship Jobs

There are various medical tests that crewmembers must pass prior to being able to join a cruise ship and work. In addition to a passing a Marine Medical Exam, crewmembers must also test negative for the PCR test prior to embarking a ship.

Medical Exams for Cruise Ship Jobs

Medical Exams for Cruise Ship Jobs highlights what you need to know about the Marine Medical and why you need it to work on a cruise ship. What questions are asked during the medical exam and what else should you expect during the examination. There are also some helpful links to approved doctors and other seafarer certification guidance.

COVID Tests for Cruise Ship Crewmembers

Find out what the latest information in regards to COVID testing for crewmembers joining a cruise ship. The World Health Organization (WHO) and International Maritime Health Association (IMHA) have recently issued COVID-19 guidance in regards to both testing and the quarantine of seafarers.

Updated: August 25, 2020