Cruise Job Resources

Cruise Job Resources

Here are some additional resources for those interested in getting a job on a cruise ship.

Which Cruise Lines are Launching New Ships? – Between 2018 and 2028, the cruise industry will see 120 new ships debut with 35 of those ships to come out prior to the end of 2019. Here are some of the cruise lines that have multiple ships on order.

Cruise Job Age Requirements – What is the minimum age to work onboard cruise ships? Is there a maximum age that cruise lines will not hire an applicant? Get the answers.

Medical Exams for Cruise Ship Jobs – Prior to being offered a contract onboard a cruise ship, an applicant will be required to pass a pre-employment medical exam (PEME). Failing the medical will result in an offer of employment being withdrawn. What is this medical exam about and why do you need one to work on a cruise ship? Most importantly, is there the chance you might fail the medical exam and not be able to work onboard?

Training for Cruise Ship Jobs – Are you interested in a career as a deck or engine officer? Get the information you need about cadet training programs, cruise line cadetships and the maritime colleges that offer the courses.

Cruise Ship Job FAQ – Get the answers to some frequently asked questions about cruise ship jobs.

Cruise Ship Life – Check out some videos, photos, and testimonials of life onboard as a crewmember.