How to Apply for a Cruise Job

How to Apply for Cruise Ship Jobs

Most cruise lines give detailed information on their websites about how to apply for shipboard jobs within their company. Depending on the cruise line, an applicant may need to apply via the cruise line website, through an authorized recruiting partner, or through a cruise line concession. How to apply for a cruise ship job will depend on the cruise line and the job you are applying for.

Applying to a Cruise Line

There are more than 90 cruise lines that offer job opportunities on board their ships. The Cruise Line Employment Directory provides links on how to apply for a cruise ship job with each cruise line. This section also details the history of each cruise line, the ships in their fleet, and which ships are coming out. Keep in mind that many cruise lines use hiring partners, concessions and crew management companies for their recruitment needs.

The Directory of Authorized Cruise Line Hiring Partners includes 80+ countries where cruise lines have recruitment partners. This global directory only lists the agencies that are AUTHORIZED by the cruise lines and are therefore monitored by the cruise lines’ corporate offices. Whereas cruise ship concessions are cruise line business partners that independently recruit, train, and schedule their staff on board the ships they operate on.

Check out the How to Apply tab at the top of this page for links to information on how to apply for many types of cruise ship jobs.

Cruise Ship Job Postings

Once you start looking into each cruise line and determine which cruise line hiring partners are applicable to the country you are from, you can start applying. Many cruise lines will have job postings or job openings right on their company’s employment webpages. From there, you can apply online. Alternatively, hiring partners may also list job openings on their websites or social media platforms.

In the case where there isn’t a job opening for the job you want to apply for, many cruise lines and hiring partners still allow you to send them your resume. Just be aware of cruise ship employment scams where fraudulent agencies and scammers try to get you to send them money or personal information. Remember that authorized hiring partners will never ask you for money and fraudulent agencies do not have the authority to hire you.

Cruise Job Recruitment Days and Auditions

Throughout the year, cruise lines and their hiring partners offer applicants opportunities to meet recruiters. Recruitment days can be in the form of a job fair, a career event, an audition or a specific day of scheduled interviews. Maritime colleges routinely hold Open Days to applicants that want to be a cadet. Casting agencies hold auditions to cast singers and dancers for onboard production shows.

Applicants should be prepared when showing up for a recruiting event. This means how you dress and how you present yourself are just as important as what your resume says. Although performers need to follow the audition requirements of how to dress, all others should follow the rule of thumb and dress professional. Bring multiple copies of your resume in case you need them and above all, be on time.

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Updated:  September 25, 2020