Using an Entertainment Agency to Get Cruise Ship Jobs

Entertainment Agencies

Although it is not a requirement to be represented by an entertainment agency in order to find a cruise ship job, some performers choose to utilize and pay a commission to an agency for their services. In theory, an entertainment agency provides a service to the cruise ship job-seeker by finding consistent and quality work. As a performer, you must decide if it is worth it to work with an agent or not.

Cruise Lines Warn of Job Scams and Agencies that Charge Fees

Generally speaking, cruise lines warn job seekers about agencies that charge fees. Most of the major cruise lines advise job seekers to discuss employment opportunities with only the agencies listed as their recruitment partners. Unfortunately, there are agencies and individuals that attempt to collect funds from job seekers by fraudulently representing themselves as being authorized to recruit for a cruise line.

Entertainment Agencies that Charge Commission

Entertainment agencies work somewhat differently than the authorized hiring partners that the cruise lines use. These agencies work with musicians, bands, vocalists, dancers, and other performers or entertainers. They find work and gigs on cruise ships for the job-seeker and they can negotiate wages on the performer’s behalf. In return the agency charges commission fees.

How to Choose a Reputable Entertainment Agency

Make sure to shop around for what you feel is the best offer of representation and only work with agencies that follow the mantra, “We don’t get paid until you get paid”. Consider how much work the agency will get you as well as how much work the agency will do for you. Seek advice from other artists, bands, and entertainers, asking them about the agencies they use and the commission they pay. Here is a list of Entertainment Agencies that Represent Cruise Ship Entertainers.

Apply Directly with the Cruise Lines

Keep in mind that you can always apply directly with the cruise line without being represented by an agent. Cruise lines such as Holland America, Carnival Cruise Line, Royal Caribbean, Norwegian Cruise Line, and Disney Cruise Line routinely post audition dates on their website. Plus, we try to stay on top of upcoming auditions on, too!

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Updated:  July 17, 2016