Salen Ship Management

Located in Sweden, Salen Ship Management provides the technical management for Island Sky, Caledonian Sky and Hebridean Sky, all operated by Noble Caledonia.

If you are interested in a position in the deck and engine department on board, send your application and CV to their manning agent, OSM Marine.

Email: [email protected] (Ms. Synnøve Henriksen)

Salén Ship Management has contracts with SeaChefs Ltd. to run the hotel management on board Island Sky, Caledonian Sky, and Hebridean Sky. If interested in a position in the hotel department on board, Sea Chefs.

In the Philippines, Salen Ship Management’s appointed crewing agency is Magsaysay

Website:  Magsaysay Careers
Contact:  Mr. Sorwin Rivera
E-mail: [email protected]

Updated:  August 14, 2020