KD Cruise Services

Located in Cyprus, KD Cruise Services is a nautical and technical ship manager specializing in river cruise vessel management. Currently in their fleet are the vessels owned by Premicon, Scenic, and Emerald Waterways. They employ an international crew.

KD Cruise Services has a history of being one of the oldest and most reliable river cruise companies in Europe. The first sailing of a KD passenger liner vessel was on the Rhine River between Mainz and Cologne in 1827. The core businesses of KD Cruise Services are supervising the building of new vessels as well as the nautical and technical operations of river cruise vessels on European rivers.

KD Cruise Services provides services to owners of river cruise ships with regard to nautical and technical ship management covering all related aspects such as crewing of vessels, scheduling and operation of vessels, and supply of provisions, stores, fuel, water, etc. They currently manage over 30 river cruise vessels.

Their website states, “They are always looking for experienced officers and sailors who know the European rivers, who enjoy living and working aboard a cruise ship and who like to become an important part of one of Europe’s best established management companies for river cruise ships.”

Website: KD Cruise Services

Managing Director Email: Alexandros.Agathocleous@kd-cy.com

KD Cruise Services Ltd
5 Kosta Ourani
Petoussis Count, Office 11/12
3085 Limassol, Cyprus

Phone: +357 25 871 877