Cruise Job Postings with Royal Caribbean [September 2020]

Royal Caribbean Jobs
Royal Caribbean Jobs

Currently, there are 196 cruise jobs listed on Royal Caribbean International’s employment pages of their website. The job opportunities are available in practically every area of operations.

Is Royal Caribbean hiring?

Royal Caribbean currently operates 26 cruise ships with plans to welcome six more ships between 2021 and 2025. Although Royal Caribbean does not have any ships cruising with passengers right now, all of their cruise ships are continuously changing the crew onboard. Each cruise ship requires a minimum complement of crew to carry out essential duties. And, as in normal operational periods, crew changes occur on a regular basis as contracts come to an end.

Royal Caribbean’s website details itinerary updates which outline their goal is to partially resume cruise operations on November 1, 2020 (some ships and sailings have extended their suspension beyond that date). Their website also details a science-backed plan for a healthy return to service that ensures the wellbeing of their guests and crew as well as the communities they visit.

Cruise Ship Jobs with Royal Caribbean

Royal Caribbean is currently listing nearly 200 job opportunities, with openings in almost every department. They have job postings in Deck, Engine, Security, Casino, Entertainment, Guest Services, Housekeeping, Culinary, F&B Services, and more. Interested candidates can apply online through Royal Caribbean’s CTRAC Career Resource. Additionally, Royal Caribbean works with a global network of hiring partners to assist in their recruitment needs.

For more information, Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship Jobs provides links to their employment pages and Authorized Hiring Partners.

Updated: September 9, 2020