Surveillance Operator Cruise Ship Job

Surveillance Operator Cruise Job
Surveillance Operator Cruise Job

Currently, Norwegian Cruise Line has a job posting for Surveillance Operator.  What is the role of a Surveillance Operator on a cruise ship and what are the qualifications? Find out how to apply for this job with Norwegian Cruise Line.

Is Norwegian Cruise Line Hiring?

Although Norwegian Cruise Line does not have any ships cruising with passengers right now, all of their cruise ships are continuously changing the crew onboard. Each cruise ship requires a minimum complement of crew to carry out essential duties. And, as in normal operational periods, crew changes occur on a regular basis as contracts come to an end.

Norwegian Cruise Line is operated by Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings (NYSE: NCLH) which also operates Oceania Cruises and Regent Seven Seas Cruises brands. Norwegian Cruise Line currently operates 17 cruise ships with another six on order to be delivered between 2022 and 2027. They have a Surveillance Operator onboard each of their vessels.

What is a Surveillance Operator on a Cruise Ship?

The main role of the Surveillance Operator on a cruise ship is to protect the company’s assets and to assist the onboard and shore side management in ensuring the safety and security of the passengers, crew, and ship. The Surveillance Operator observes real time monitoring of the ship, passengers, and crew by walking around the ship, but also by operating and managing CCTV equipment in compliance with SEMS.

The Surveillance Operator reports to the bridge any real time security and safety observations that may place the ship, passengers, or crew in jeopardy. This comprises of monitoring and recording of safety drills, bunkering, storage, tender operations, and baggage handling activities. Responsibilities also include conducting reviews of incidents and accidents relating to the ship, crew, and passengers.

In addition, the Surveillance Operator will conduct audits of the Micros/Fidelio or any other computer- generated accounting systems. This also involves conducting surveillance of the casino environment. This position works with the Security Department, but reports to the Surveillance Manager.

Qualifications to be a Surveillance Operator for Norwegian Cruise Line

  • Intermediate to advanced knowledge and experience with the games offered by the casino is required
  • Minimum of one year’s experience as a casino dealer is required (or)
  • Minimum of one year’s experience within the surveillance field in connection with a hotel or casino environment
  • High school diploma or foreign equivalent is required
  • Position-specific STCW training from an accredited educational institution
  • Well-developed understanding of the operation and management of CCTV recording and monitoring equipment
  • Be familiar with the Micros/Fidelio or other computerized accounting systems

How to Apply for Surveillance Operator Cruise Job

If you’re interested in being considered for the position of Surveillance Operator, visit the shipboard employment page of Norwegian Cruise Line’s website. Click on “Positions Available”. That will bring you to their “Career Opportunities Page”. Click on “Search Jobs” and you will see the job posting for Surveillance Operator.

Updated September 28, 2020