Cruise Ship Jobs on LinkedIn

Cruise Ship Jobs on LinkedIn
Cruise Ship Jobs on LinkedIn

LinkedIn can help you find many types of cruise ship jobs that fit your skills and qualifications but it can also help you find the names of specific cruise line recruiters. LinkedIn is an alternative option to apply for cruise ship jobs, but it’s also a great place to find out more about the cruise line you are applying to.

How to Search for Cruise Jobs on LinkedIn

To get started, look for a job using the search field on top of the LinkedIn homepage or click on the Jobs icon on the top of the LinkedIn homepage. To search for a job using this page, enter the job title or company you are interested in. Where it asks for a location, put “worldwide”.

Searching by cruise line is an efficient way to see all their current job postings. Alternatively, searching by job title, such as “chef” and then filtering by cruise lines (company search) will give you a list of all “chef” jobs offered by the cruise lines that you select. Another filter to use is “date posted”, such as selecting “past month”.

LinkedIn offers a great Help section that is useful for beginners. The page, Find Jobs on LinkedIn – Best Practices offers extra help on how to build your network, how to update and upload your resume, and how to navigate the LinkedIn Jobs Homepage.

Why Use LinkedIn for Cruise Ship Jobs

Using LinkedIn is very convenient to find a cruise ship job and just another way to get your resume to the right person. For starters, follow the profile pages of specific cruise lines and hiring partners that interest you. Click here for a list of Cruise Lines or here for a list Authorized Hiring Partners. (Most of the major cruise lines use hiring partners to assist with their recruitment needs).

Following cruise line profiles and hiring partners allows you to see their job openings as they are posted and you can be the first to apply. It’s also a great way to learn about what’s happening with a specific company such as new ships coming out. But one of the most useful tools of LinkedIn is the possibility to network, network with recruiters, network with current crew, and network with past crew.

How to Find Names of Cruise Line Hiring Managers

When applying for a cruise ship job, one of the most important points to understand is to make sure that you put the name of the recruiter on your cover letter. For all the cover letters that are generically addressed “To: Hiring Manager”, the cover letters that actually address a specific person will get more attention. Furthermore, this is the name of the person you can follow up with at a later date.

So how do you find the name of a recruiter? Use the search bar to write “Talent Acquisition” or “Recruiter”. Using the filters, select “People” then select the company/cruise line where you are looking for a specific person. This type of search will yield a list of people which you can read their profiles to find the most suitable person address your cover letter to.

Updated: October 2, 2020