Cruise Job Postings with Disney Cruise Line [January 2021]

Disney Cruise Line Job Postings
Disney Cruise Line Job Postings

Disney Cruise Line is currently recruiting for Engineers for their cruise ships. Currently Disney Cruise Line owns and operates four cruise ships with three ships to debut between 2022 and 2025. Here’s more information on cruise ship job postings in January 2021 for Disney Cruise Line.

Is Disney Cruise Line Hiring?

Although most of the cruise industry is currently paused, Disney Cruise Line is currently recruiting for positions within their onboard Technical Operations Department. Cruise ships around the world, including Disney Cruise Line are routinely changing their onboard crew as contracts end. Additionally, some crew may not continue to pursue their careers at sea, leaving the opportunities available for new crewmembers.

In December 2020, Disney Cruise Line posted that they were recruiting for Engineering Officers. That posting is still active and indicates that they are seeking the following positions:

Chief Engineer

Staff Chief Engineer

Chief Electrical Engineer

First Engineer

First Electrical Engineer

Second Engineer Senior

HVAC - Refrigeration Engineer

Second Engineer

Automation Engineer

Electrical Engineer

Third Engineer

How to Apply for Disney Cruise Line Engineer Jobs

The Engineering department, led by the Chief Engineer, is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the main propulsion plant and all hotel services on the ship such as heating and air conditioning, refrigeration, fresh water, waste disposal, electrical and plumbing systems, life boats and davit systems, and upkeep of all electronic equipment. The department conducts all bunkering operations and orders spare parts, materials and supplies to maintain a fully operational machinery plant.

For job openings posted on Disney’s website, applicants can apply by creating a Walt Disney Company profile. Alternatively, Disney Cruise Line uses hiring partners in select countries to hire crew for their cruise ship jobs. For more information, visit Disney Cruise Line Jobs.

Posted January 30, 2021