Cruise Ship Job Listings for Indonesians [February 2021]

Cruise Ship Jobs for Indonesians
Cruise Ship Jobs for Indonesians

Located in Indonesia, Ratu Oceania Raya currently has cruise job vacancies for over 200 different positions. They are an authorized hiring partner for Disney Cruise Line, Viking, P&O Cruises, The World, Sea Chefs, and Cunard.  Ratu Oceania Raya places over 1000 candidates per year to their various cruise line clients, and also re-process all hired candidates in cooperation with their cruise line partners for their return assignments.

Job Openings on Cruise Ships

Ratu Oceania Raya has listings for more than 200 types of cruise ship jobs including culinary, food and beverage, housekeeping, deck and technical, and entertainment. To apply for these jobs, the minimum requirements are the ability to speak English, physically fit, well groomed, a natural talent for customer service, and with a minimum of six months of professional experience in a relevant field. Here are some of the job openings listed on Ratu Oceania Raya’s website.

Culinary Cruise Jobs
Baker, Galley Steward, Galley Utility, Galley Cleaner, Galley Steward, Commis Cook, Commis Chef, Pantry Cook, Pantry Chef, Pastry Cook, Assistant Chef De Partie, Chef de Partie (CDP), CDP Pastry, Commis 1, Commis 2, Galley Steward Head, Cook, 1st Cook, 2nd Cook, 3rd Cook, Sous Chef, Sushi Chef, and others

Deck and Technical Cruise Jobs
Fitter Deck, Engine Mechanic, Assistant Electrician, Motorman, Ordinary Seaman, Incinerator Operator, AB Sailor, Quartermaster, Deck Supervisor, Assistant Bosun, GP Environmental, Garbage Handler, Oiler, Repairman, Wipe, Assistant Refrigeration Engine, Plumber, Varnisher, and others

Entertainment Cruise Jobs
Stage Manager, Youth Staff, Lead Photographer, Dispatcher, Photo Manager, and Shore Excursion Staff

Food and Beverage Jobs
Assistant Waiter, Restaurant Attendant, Bar Utility, Waiter, Bartender, Head Waiter, Snack Attendant, Quick Service Attendant, Dining Room Attendant, Café Attendant, Bar Server, Wine Storekeeper, Crew Dining Attendant, Deck Attendant, Bar Server, Assistant Bartender, Flair Bartender, Sommelier, Senior Barista, Lead Bartender, Assistant Maitre D’, Junior Steward, Buffet Steward, and others

Housekeeping Jobs
Stateroom Attendant, Hotel Utility, Laundry Attendant, Assistant Stateroom Attendant, Assistant Laundry Master, Cleaner, Tailor, Officer Attendant, Public Area Attendant, and others

Cruise Line Hiring Partners in Indonesia

Besides Ratu Oceania Raya, there are around a dozen different cruise line hiring partners in Indonesia that are authorized to hire crew for cruise lines. Many of the major cruise lines work with a global network of hiring partners to assist them in meeting their recruitment goals. The hiring partner’s responsibilities include pre-screening and presenting qualified applicants for final approval by a cruise line recruiter. Only work with an authorized recruiter, in order to avoid cruise ship employment scams.

Posted February 1, 2021