Ritz Carlton Yacht Collection Jobs

Ritz Carlton Yacht Jobs
Ritz Carlton Yacht Jobs

Ritz Carlton Yacht Collection will debut their first yacht in May 2022 with another vessel scheduled to launch in 2023 and 2024. Their international crew are recruited using the same strategy of their shoreside Ritz Carlton hotels. They are seeking candidates with a personality and commitment to service.

Facts about Ritz Carlton Yachts

Ritz Carlton is an ultra luxury brand and they are banking on their brand that their yachts will deliver a higher-end, more tailored cruise experience than mainstream cruising. Each yacht will feature personalized service, elevated dining and luxury amenities. Their first 298-passenger vessel, named Evrima, is projected to attract Ritz Carlton fans, first-time cruisers and a younger demographic of guests.

The Evrima was scheduled to start cruising in January 2021, but due to shipyard delays and pandemic-related delays, the debut was rescheduled until November 2021 and then again rescheduled until May 2022.

They also have orders for a ship in 2023 and 2024. In March 2020, the majority of stakeholders of the shipyard where Evrima is built handed over control to an affiliate company of the ship’s owner, led by the CEO of Ritz Carlton Yacht Collection.

How to Apply for Cruise Jobs

Ritz Carlton Yacht Collection hires an international crew. They refer to their ship’s crew as “Ladies and Gentlemen” of Ritz Carlton, just as their shoreside brand hotels do. The exclusive recruitment partner of The Ritz Carlton Yacht Collection is V. Ships / V. Crew, which is a global maritime agency that represents more than 300 client businesses with a pool of 44,000 active seafarers on about 1,000 vessels.

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Updated:  November 12, 2021