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Cruise Ship Jobs with Virgin Voyages

Virgin Voyages will need to fill 1,150 cruise ship jobs when it debuts in 2021. What should you know about Virgin Voyages to get hired and how do you apply for their cruise ship jobs?

Facts About Virgin Voyages 

Virgin Voyages is a new brand of cruise line promising to redefine luxury cruising when they debut their first ship in the fall of 2020 (delayed due to Pandemic). Virgin Voyages markets their Florida-based cruise line to a young demographic (18+ only) that has yet to experience cruising. Although their first ship, Scarlet Lady was originally scheduled to debut in April 2020, the ship’s debut has been delayed until May 2021.

Virgin Group announced the formation of Virgin Cruises in a venture with Bain Capital in 2014. Virgin Cruises changed their name to Virgin Voyages in 2016 when they finalized their contract for the building of three cruise ships. The 110,000-ton ships will carry more than 2,800 passengers and 1,150 crew. After the Scarlet Lady makes her debut in 2021, Valiant Lady is due out in late 2021 and another ship in 2022. A fourth ship was ordered in 2018 for delivery in 2023.

With Richard Branson at the helm, Virgin Voyages offers a unique concept of luxury cruising. They promote a no nickel and diming policy, featuring free WiFi, free filtered water and sodas, free gratuities, free fitness classes, and free dining. The ships’ spaces have 20+ eateries such as Mexican, Korean BBQ, cooking school/test kitchen, vegetarian, steakhouse, raw bar, food carts, and more. They refer to their passengers as Sailors and their travel agents as First Mates.

How to Apply for Virgin Voyages Cruise Ship Jobs

In a Virgin Voyages LinkedIn post from 2019, they stated, “We’re seeking people who are amazing to work with and who live and breathe customer service. We love it when you bring your personality to work with you. We are also committed to diversity and inclusion, as we are firm believers that the world is better off when everybody is part of it.”

Their website says, “RockStar service is at the core of the Virgin Voyages experience”. And, in a unique move for the hospitality industry, Virgin Voyages crew are allowed to have visible tattoos and colorful hair. Virgin Voyages is partnered with Apollo Group to work with recruiters in countries throughout the world to assist with their recruitment needs.

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Updated:  January 30, 2021