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CMI Ship Management is a technical and crew management company for cruise and expedition vessels represented by SunStone Ships and a number of cruise charter companies.

History and Future of CMI Ship Management

CMI Ship Management was established in 2015 when a handful of vessel owners represented by SunStone Ships bought out Fleet Pro Ocean and Fleet Pro Leisure. At the time, they secured management contracts for the technical and marine operations as well as crew management on ten ships.

SunStone Ships will have six new expedition ships coming out between 2020 and 2022 and this will be the heart of CMI Ship Management’s next phase. To see the list of companies and ships that CMI Ship Management represents, read CMI Ship Management and CMI Leisure.

How to Apply for Cruise Ship Jobs

CMI Ship Management recruits and trains deck and engine officers and ratings for the ships that it manages. This includes crew screening, recruitment, qualification and certification, pre-employment medicals, rotations, benefits, uniforms, and performance evaluations.

CMI provides thorough training for all crewmembers and requires that they possess relevant and current qualifications and experience appropriate for each position. They ensure officers have what it takes to lead and that crewmembers are capable of interpreting and understanding key instructions.

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Updated: November 19, 2021