How to Apply for Jobs on River Cruises

There are more than 20 river cruise companies each with a variety of cruise ship jobs to apply for. Types of jobs onboard a river cruise vessel are similar to ocean going vessels. Get to know some facts about the river cruise industry to help you understand how to apply for river cruise jobs.

Facts about River Cruise Jobs

River cruise jobs include housekeepers, waiters, chefs, galley crew, receptionists, bartenders, deckhands, engineers, cruise directors, tour guides, guest entertainers, beauty salon staff, and gift shop staff.

Consider there are over 20 river cruise companies, some with fleets of just a few vessels, to companies like Viking Cruises with a fleet of nearly 80 vessels. The size of a river vessel varies, but typically, there are fewer than 200 passengers on board and the number of crew rarely exceeds 50.

Which River Cruise Lines are Hiring?

While some river cruise companies boast large fleets and have their own HR department, other river cruise lines rely on external crew management companies to staff their ships. In fact, a few crew management companies look after more than one river cruise line.  Here are some of those companies that hire and provide crew to river cruise lines.

River Advice
RiverTech BV
Sea Chefs

For a current list of the major river cruise companies throughout the world, check out Directory of River Cruise Jobs.

Updated: August 14, 2020