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Princess Cruises Fleet

Currently Princess Cruises has 14 cruise ships. In December 2020, the Enchanted Princess was delivered. In spring 2022, the Discovery Princess will debut. Princess Cruises has two LNG ships on order for 2023 and 2025.

Here is a list of their current and future fleet along with the date they were built.

Grand Princess (1998)
Coral Princess (2002)
Island Princess (2003)
Diamond Princess (2004)
Sapphire Princess (2004)
Caribbean Princess (2004)
Crown Princess (2006)
Emerald Princess (2007)
Ruby Princess (2008)
Royal Princess (2013)
Regal Princess (2014)
Majestic Princess (2017)
Sky Princess (2019)
Enchanted Princess (2020)
Discovery Princess (2022)
TBA – LNG (2023)
TBA – LNG (2025)

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Updated: November 10, 2021