Scenic Cruise Ships

Cruise Jobs with Scenic
Cruise Jobs with Scenic

Scenic operates 16 river cruise vessels and one luxury expedition ship on the waterways of Europe and Southeast Asia.

Scenic Eclipse II (2023)
Scenic Eclipse (Built 2019 – Polar Yacht)
Scenic Aura (Built 2016)
Scenic Amber (Built 2016)
Scenic Azure (Built 2016)
Scenic Spirit (Built 2016)
Scenic Opal (Built 2015)
Scenic Jasper (Built 2015)
Scenic Gem (Built 2014)
Scenic Jade (Built 2014)
Scenic Jewel (Built 2013)
Scenic Crystal (Built 2012)
Scenic Tsar (Built 2012)
Scenic Pearl (Built 2010)
Scenic Ruby (Built 2008)
Scenic Emerald (Built 2008)
Scenic Diamond (Built 2008)
Scenic Sapphire (Built 2008)

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Updated: April 25, 2021