Get a Cruise Ship Job in 2015

Get a Cruise Ship Job
Get a Cruise Ship Job

Is your New Year’s resolution for 2015, “Get a cruise ship job”? Do you want to travel the world, experience new cultures, and make friends with crew from other countries? Do you want to enhance your resume by working on a cruise ship? Do you want a career at sea?

To be successful and get a cruise ship job in 2015, you need to follow some important steps.

1. Assess your experience, education, and skills. Make a list of all the skills you have acquired through your work experience and courses that you have taken. This list will help you decide which types of cruise ship jobs that you will be best suited for.

2. Read cruise ship job descriptions. Many cruise lines feature job vacancies on their employment websites, complete with job descriptions and requirements. Mentally match these descriptions to your own experience and skills. The cruise industry is a super competitive industry to find a job, and you will need to prove to recruiters that you are the best candidate for the position you choose.

3. Decide which cruise line you want to work for. There are nearly 70 different cruise lines. Some have an extensive fleet of ships while others may have only a handful of vessels. Which cruise lines are you most interested in and why? (Although you will probably want to apply to more than one cruise line, just make sure that each application is personalized to each specific company.)

4. Get to know what cruise ship life is about. Cruise line recruiters want to know that you are familiar cruise ship life as it relates to the challenges of working at sea. Are you ready to embrace this unique working and living environment? Specifically, you should understand that you will work with crew from other countries and cultures. You will need to work long days with no days off and you most likely will have to share a cabin.

5. Revamp and customize your resume. Once you’ve decided what job you want to do onboard and who you want to work for, it’s time to revamp your resume. You need to present your skills, experiences, and accomplishments in a way that is relevant to the job requirements of the cruise line’s job description. Make sure to start with a concise career objective that states the exact cruise ship job you are applying for.

6. Customize your cover letter. Your cover letter needs to reflect why you want to work for XYZ cruise line, what makes you the best candidate for the position, how you will handle the challenges of working on a cruise ship. For example, you can mention how you look forward to working with an international crew or your passion for exceeding guest expectations.

7. Contact your regional authorized recruitment partner. Many cruise lines work with a global network of recruitment agencies to screen potential candidates. These agencies are listed on the cruise lines’ employment pages of their websites. Be aware that some cruise lines even use the same recruiting agencies. Also be careful of cruise ship employment scams.

8. Follow up on your application package. Once you apply for a cruise ship job, don’t wait too long for a response from a recruiter. Be proactive. Find the name of the person responsible for recruiting and send him/her a follow up email. In the subject line of the email, write the specific job you are applying for. The text of the email should be in cover letter format and make your resume an attachment. Consistently follow up until you get an interview.

9. Be prepared for your interview. Preparation for your interview is what will get you hired. The recruiter likes what they see on your resume and cover letter, but the interview is where you will prove that you are perfect for the job. How will you answer their questions? What questions will you ask? Make a winning first impression.

10. Start applying for cruise jobs now. The cruise industry hires crew and officers throughout the year. Don’t wait another day. Start sending your resumes and completing applications. before you know it you will be hired in 2015.