How to Apply Online for Cruise Jobs

Applying online for cruise ship jobs is required by most cruise lines as the initial step of the application process, but applicants should only apply directly through cruise line websites and/or their authorized hiring partners. Job seekers need to be aware of employment scams, resume blasting, and not to apply through agencies or websites that … Read more

Cruise Job Postings with Celebrity Cruises [September 2020]

Currently, there are 153 cruise jobs listed on Celebrity Cruises employment pages of their website. There are cruise ship job opportunities available in almost every area of operations. Is Celebrity Cruises hiring? Celebrity Cruises’ website states that they are working with the CDC and others toward the shared goal of the health and safety of … Read more

MSC Cruises Hiring Partners

MSC Cruises uses hiring partners in select countries to hire crew for cruise ship jobs in Bar, Culinary, Dining Service, Housekeeping, Laundry Service, Deck Ratings, and Engine Ratings. MSC Cruises currently have 19 ships in their fleet and are expected to launch another 10 ships between 2022 and 2027. Is MSC Cruises Hiring? MSC Cruises … Read more

Cruise Job Postings with Ritz Carlton Yachts (September 2020)

Ritz Carlton Yacht Collection currently has over 80 job listings on their recruitment partner’s website. They are recruiting for a variety of cruise ship jobs for their yacht, Evrima. Cruise Ship Jobs with Ritz Carlton Ritz Carlton Yacht Collection will debut their first yacht in April 2021 with another vessel scheduled to launch in 2022 … Read more

Cruise Job Postings with Astro Ocean Cruises (September 2020)

Astro Ocean Cruises currently has nearly 100 job listings on their recruitment partner’s website, many with a joining date of November 1, 2020. They are recruiting for a variety of cruise ship jobs for their cruise ship, Piano Land. Cruise Ship Jobs on Piano Land Astro Ocean Cruises is a Chinese cruise line that operates … Read more

How to Apply as a Cruise Ship Nurse

CRUISE SHIP NURSES work with the onboard doctors to provide and maintain high standards of individualized patient care for passengers and crew, responding to emergencies whenever they occur on the ship. Nurses are expected to have a broad range of experience in acute care areas and clinical care skills in order to handle the varied … Read more

River Cruise Job Postings for 2020

River cruising has already started up for 2020 and many have open vacancies for cruise ship jobs onboard their vessels. How to Apply for River Cruise Jobs Some river cruise companies use their own corporate HR departments to hire crew while other companies use external hotel concessions, crew management and technical management companies to look … Read more