DouroAzul River Cruise Fleet

Cruise Jobs with DouroAzul
Cruise Jobs with DouroAzul

DouroAzul operates 13 river cruise vessels on Portugal’s Douro River. Currently they have one vessel on charter to another cruise operator, AMA Waterways.

Douro Princess (1996)

Spirit of Chartwell (1997)

Douro Prince (1999)

Douro Queen (2004)

Douro Cruiser (2004)

Douro Spirit (2011)

AMA Vida (2013) On charter to AMA Waterways

Queen Isabel (2013)

Enigma (Yacht)

Winds of Fortune (Yacht)

Carlota Do Douro (Tourist Boat)

Catarina Do Douro (Tourist Boat)

Cenarios Do Douro (Tourist Boat)

For information about jobs, read DouroAzul River Cruise Jobs.

January 19, 2021