SunStone Ships

Cruise Ship Jobs with SunStone Ships
Cruise Ship Jobs with SunStone Ships

Miami-based SunStone Ships represents and commercially manages a fleet of cruise and expedition ships available for charters to tour operators and travel companies worldwide. They will have another four expedition Polar-class ships debut in 2022.

Fleet of Vessels Under Charter or Available for Charter

Ocean Adventurer (Built 1975; Chartered to Quark Expeditions)
Ocean Nova (Built 1992; Chartered to Antarctica21)
Sea Spirit (Built 1991; Chartered to Poseidon Expeditions)
Ocean Diamond (Built 1974; Chartered to Quark Expeditions)
Quest (Built 1992 ex-Sea Endurance; Chartered to Noble Caledonia)
Ocean Endeavour (Built 1982; Chartered to Albatros Expeditions)
Ocean Atlantic (Built 1986; Chartered to Quark Expeditions and Albatros Expeditions)
Greg Mortimer (Built 2019; Chartered to Aurora Expeditions
Ocean Victory (Built 2021; Chartered to American Queen Voyages)
Ocean Explorer (Built 2021; Chartered to Vantage Travel)
Sylvia Earle (Built April 2022; Chartered to Aurora Expeditions)
Ocean Odyssey (Built March 2022; Chartered to Vantage Travel)
Ocean Discoverer (Built September 2022; Chartered to American Queen Voyages)
Ocean Albatros (Built October 2022; Chartered to Albatros Expeditions)

SunStone Ships is associated with CMI Ship Management and CMI Leisure Management who provide crew and technical management for their fleet of vessels.


Updated: November 19, 2021