Cruise Management International

Located in Miami, Cruise Management International (CMI) and CMI Leisure provide passenger ship management for vessels represented by SunStone Ships. In late 2015, Cruise Management International and CMI Leisure were established when a handful of vessel owners represented by SunStone Ships bought out Fleet Pro Leisure and Fleet Pro Ocean.

Effective October 2015, the new owners formed a new technical management company, Cruise Management International (CMI). According to SunStone Ship’s fall 2015 newsletter, management contracts for technical and marine operations, crewing, purchasing, etc. have been signed for the following ships (operated by):

  • Freewinds (Maduro Shipping: ex-Scientology ship)
  • Grand Celebration (Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line)
  • Ocean Atlantic (Available for Charter)
  • Ocean Diamond (Quark Expeditions)
  • Ocean Endeavor (Quark Expeditions)
  • Ocean Nova (Quark Expeditions)
  • Sea Endurance (Albatros Travel)
  • Sea Spirit (Poseidon Expeditions)
  • Sea Adventurer (Quark Expeditions)

Also in October 2015, the same owners acquired Fleet Pro Leisure and renamed it CMI Leisure. CMI Leisure is a hotel concessionaire for ship operations, specializing in small ship expedition cruising. CMI Leisure offers full hospitality management services and functions for Administration, Procurement and Logistics, Housekeeping, Galley Operations, Restaurant Services, Bar Operations, Spa and Health Club, Gift Shop, Entertainment, and Customer Relations.

CMI Leisure currently manages the hotel operations for Ocean Endeavor, Ocean Diamond, Sea Adventurer, Sea Spirit, Sea Endurance, Saint Laurent, and Ocean Nova.

Cruise Management International also took over Fleet Pro’s interest in Pacific Valiant Inc. (PVI), the Philippine manning agency who will continue to supply Filipino crew for the deck, engine and hotel operations.

Although there are no websites for Cruise Management International or CMI Leisure, their latest newsletter promises it will be ready soon along with marketing activities and a streamlined organization.

4770 Biscayne Blvd
Penthouse A
Miami, FL 33137
Phone: +1 305 400 8055

Website: Under Contruction

Cruise Management International
President: Kenneth Engstrom

CMI Leisure Management
President: Dietmar Wertanzl
Vice President of Hotel Operations: Donald Cameron
Human Resources: Anne Marie Tompkins