Cruise Job Postings with Mystic Cruises [January 2021]

Mystic Cruises Job Postings
Mystic Cruises Job Postings

Currently, there are nearly 50 types of cruise ship jobs that Mystic Cruises is actively recruiting for. Mystic Cruises is a relatively new expedition cruise company with a brand-new ship coming out mid 2021 as well four more ships to debut throughout 2022 and 2023.

When Is Mystic Cruises Hiring?

Although the cruise industry is currently on pause due to the pandemic, this doesn’t mean that there isn’t a need for crew. Mystic Cruises is currently advertising for nearly 50 different cruise ship jobs, mostly all hospitality positions. With a new ship coming out later this year, they have a need to hire crew.

Cruise Ship Jobs with Mystic Cruises

Although Mystic Cruise has 33 job openings listed on their website, their recruiting partner, V. Ships, lists an additional 16 jobs on their Job Openings page. Mystic Cruises works V. Ships to assist with the screening and hiring of their applicants.  The joining date of the job listings indicates February 1, 2021.

Here is the list of cruise ship jobs they are recruiting for:

Head Baker
1st Baker
2nd Baker
Pastry Chef
1st Pastry Man
2nd Pastry Man
3rd Pastry Man
Utility Pastry
Executive Chef
Sous Chef
Demi Chef De Partie
Chef De Partie
Sauce Cook
Fish Cook
Crew Cook
Trainee Cook
Head Butcher
1st Butcher
Galley Steward Supervisor
Assistant Galley Steward
Galley Utility
Crew Mess Attendant
Buffet Attendant
Maitre D’Hotel
Head Waiter
Assistant Waiter
Chief Bartender
Bar Waiter
Provision Master
Provision Utility
Laundry Master
Laundry Man
Linen Keeper
Housekeeping Manager
Night Attendant
Night Cleaner
Day Cleaner
Chief Purser
ShoreX Manager
Tour Coordinator
Spa Manager
Spa Therapist
Shop Manager

For more information, visit Mystic Cruises Cruise Ship Jobs.

Posted:  January 20, 2021