Medical Cruise Ship Jobs with Carnival Maritime (January 2021)

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Carnival Maritime is currently recruiting for medical cruise ship jobs in the role of Doctor, Medical Assistant, and Nurse. These positions are available on cruise ships operated by Aida Cruises, Costa Cruises, and Costa Asia.

Brands of Carnival Maritime?

Carnival Maritime is the Marine Service Unit of the Costa Group. Costa Group’s brands include Aida Cruises and Costa Cruises. Located in Hamburg, Germany, Carnival Maritime brings together the Marine and Technical expertise of the entire Costa Group including Human Resources Deck & Engine and Technical Procurement.

Carnival Maritime provides support to the 27 vessels of Costa Crociere, AIDA Cruises and Costa Asia, enabling real time support in risk and crisis management as well as optimized route planning. Additionally, Carnival Maritime takes care of medical services, support of the nautical and technical staff on board, and recruiting.

How to Apply for Medical Cruise Ship Jobs

Visit Carnival Maritime’s employment pages for job postings. Currently, they have openings for doctors, Nurses, and medical assistants.

Complete online application, including your Skype name and your language skills.  You will be required to rate your language skills from one to five stars and indicate the preference of cruise line you are applying to. (Note: Aida Cruises is German-speaking and Costa Cruises is Italian-speaking.

Website:  Carnival Maritime

Carnival Maritime Careers:  Job Openings

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Posted January 19, 2020