Cruise Job Postings with Ritz Carlton Yachts (February 2021)

Ritz Carlton Cruise Jobs
Ritz Carlton Cruise Jobs

Ritz Carlton Yacht Collection currently has nearly 90 job listings on their recruitment partner’s website. They are recruiting for a variety of cruise ship jobs for their yet-to-be launched yacht, Evrima.

Cruise Ship Jobs with Ritz Carlton

Ritz Carlton Yacht Collection will debut their first yacht in July 2021 with another vessel scheduled to launch in 2022 and 2023. They are recruiting an international crew that have a commitment to personalized service, in line with the Ritz Carlton brand.

Although the debut of the vessel is scheduled for this summer, Ritz Carlton has begun their recruitment efforts with many starting dates as soon as March 2021, prior to guests coming onboard. Their exclusive hiring partner is V. Ships/ V. Crew.

Their job postings include a wide range of cruise ship jobs in all departments and ranks including Restaurant Manager, Beverage Manager, Executive Housekeeper, Guest Services Manager, Public Health and Environmental Compliance Officer, Financial Officer, Technology Broadcast Specialist, Security Officer, Electrician, Bosun, and Carpenter.

How to Apply for Ritz Carlton Yacht Jobs

V. Ships / V. Crew is the exclusive recruitment partner of The Ritz Carlton Yacht Collection. It is a leading global maritime agency represents more than 300 client businesses with a pool of 44,000 active seafarers on about 1,000 vessels. Candidates can visit V. Crew for information on the job postings. For more information on how to apply, read Ritz Carlton Yacht Jobs.

Posted February 4, 2021