Are Cruise Lines Hiring Now? [April 2021]

MSC Cruise Jobs
MSC Cruise Jobs

Many more cruise lines are preparing to resume operations this summer and this means that they are actively recruiting new cruise ship crew. Although most cruise ships had crew and officers onboard throughout the pandemic, they were operating at reduced manning levels due to the absence of passengers. Add in the fact that there will be nearly 40 new cruise ships to debut in 2021, producing plenty of opportunities to get hired to work on cruise ships.

Why are Crew Onboard During a Pandemic?

You may be wondering why officers and crew are still onboard cruise ships during a pandemic and what they are doing. Officers and crew continue to maintain cruise ships while the world waits for the industry to begin cruising again. There is also a legal reason for cruise ships to maintain Minimum Non-Operational Manning, ensuring the safety and security of the ship, crew, and property.

This minimum manning depends on the size of the ship taking into consideration factors such as training, hours of work and rest, occupational safety, health and hygiene, medical care, and the proper provision of food. Besides deck and engineer officers and crew, other cruise ship jobs have continued to be required onboard, too. Housekeeping, culinary, restaurant, administration, IT support, and crew welfare are just some of the additional cruise ship jobs onboard even when there haven’t been passengers.

Why Some Cruise Ship Crew Will Not Return to Their Jobs Onboard

While cruising was first suspended back in March 2020, most crew that were onboard during that time were repatriated by July 2020 or earlier. Although a typical length of contract is between three and 9 months, the unusual circumstances of working onboard during the pandemic demonstrated that working on cruise ships is not for everyone.

Prior to the pandemic, one of the biggest benefits of working on cruise ships was the opportunity to travel the world. During the pause of cruise operations, crew were not permitted to get off the ship which led many to question if working on cruise ships was what they wanted to do anymore. Would they accept another contract in the future if that would become the new normal?

There is another reason why some crew will not be returning. Many officers and crew have found other jobs on land during this past year, especially from the hotel department. Unfortunately, many were not called back for another contract due to the reduced manning, forcing many people to find another job. Now that cruise lines are resuming operations, they are will need to hire new crew.

Who Are Cruise Lines Hiring?

Besides being qualified for a cruise ship job, cruise lines hire officers and crew that understand the pros and cons of working onboard. Not everyone can handle the challenges of ship life, but the rewards can outweigh the sacrifice while many others have made a career out of working on ships. To fill job postings, cruise lines are looking for applicants that are hard-working, adaptable, work well under stress, and thrive by working and living within a close-knit, international community.

Posted:  April 18, 2021