Cruise Ship Job Postings with Virgin Voyages [April 2021]

Virgin Voyages Cruise Ship Jobs
Virgin Voyages Cruise Ship Jobs

Virgin Voyages is currently recruiting for over 30 different types of cruise ship jobs. When will Virgin Voyages start cruising and what types of cruise ship jobs are they recruiting for?

Virgin Voyages to Start Cruising Summer 2021

Virgin Voyages will launch the cruise line’s first ship, Scarlet Lady, in the United Kingdom this summer with sailings open to U.K. residents. The 110,000-ton ships will carry more than 2,800 passengers and 1,150 crew. After the Scarlet Lady makes her debut this summer, Valiant Lady is due out in late 2021 and another ship in 2022 and 2023. Virgin Voyages is currently recruiting for a number of onboard cruise ship jobs.

Virgin Voyages Cruise Ship Jobs

On their website, Virgin Voyages lists around 20 different types of cruise ship jobs (aka: Gigs) in the Hotel Department with links to apply. They have job openings in Management, Administration, Bar, and Restaurant. Positions include the following:

• Beverage Operations Manager
• Laundry Manager
• Pool Service Supervisor
• Quick Service Manager
• Restaurant Operations Manager
• Restaurant Manager
• Sanitation Officer
• Sanitation Supervisor
• Sommelier
• Clearance Officer
• Mixologist
• Procurement Manager
• Quick Service Supervisor
• Sailor Service Director
• Sailor Services Manager
• Executive Housekeeper
• Payroll Analyst
• Public Health Director
• Senior Executive Chef

Alternatively, jobs in Marine and Technical as well as Entertainment jobs are posted on Virgin Voyages’ LinkedIn profile. Currently they have over a dozen cruise ship job postings that are active. These include Captain, Hotel Director, Production Stage Manager, Stage Rigging Technician, Props Rigging Technician, Lighting Video Technician, Slot Manager, Slot Technician, Slot Attendant, Box Office Staff, and Digital Systems Manager.

For more information and links on how to apply, visit Virgin Voyages Jobs.

Posted: April 22, 2021