Carnival Cruise Line Global Hiring Partners

Carnival Cruise Line Hiring Partners
Carnival Cruise Line Hiring Partners

Carnival Cruise Line uses hiring partners in select countries to hire crew for their cruise ship jobs. Currently Carnival Cruise Line operates 23 cruise ships with two more ships entering service in 2022. To apply for cruise ship jobs with Carnival Cruise Line, contact one of the hiring partners below.

Is Carnival Cruise Line?

Carnival Cruise Line is actively recruiting for select positions within their company. Their ships around the world are routinely changing their onboard crew as contracts end. Additionally, not all crew continue to pursue their careers at sea, leaving the opportunities available for new crewmembers.

In addition to Carnival’s job openings on their employment website, Carnival’s hiring partners also post job vacancies. If you want to apply for a cruise ship job, applicants can contact a Carnival Cruise Line Fun Partner in the country where they live. Here is a list of Carnival Cruise Line’s authorized partners around the world.

Where to Apply in Americas and Caribbean

Canada and USA
St. Lucia
Mampa Agency
Bahamas (Hotel)
Aqua Marine Agency
Bahamas (Marine)
Campbell Ship management
Central America, Colombia, and Ecuador
The Seven Seas Group
Persohotel International
Infinity Brazil

Where to Apply in Europe for Carnival Cruise Line Jobs

UK and Europe (Hotel/Marine)
Cruise Academy
Romania (Hotel / Marine)
Job Selection
Eastern Europe (Hotel / Marine)
Southern Europe
Employment Power
Croatia (Marine)
Euros LTD.
Email: [email protected]
A to Z Manning

Carnival Cruise Line Hiring Partners in Asia

Sinocrew Maritime Services
Email:  [email protected]
Hiren International
Carnival Support Services India
Indonesia, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam
CTI Indonesia
United Philippines Line

Updated: October 30, 2021