MSC Cruises Job Vacancies [November 2021]

MSC Cruises Jobs
MSC Cruises Jobs

Currently MSC Cruises has 40 job vacancies posted on the career pages of their website. MSC Cruises currently have 19 ships in their fleet and are expected to launch another 10 ships between 2022 and 2027. With that kind of growth, it’s understandable that they will be in need of crew for their new cruise ships.

Which Cruise Ship Jobs are Available?

To view the jobs openings on MSC Cruises’ employment pages, click on “Vacancies” on the top of their careers home page. Click on “Onboard Jobs” which will allow you to then select a business area of a ship (Deck, Engine, or Hotel). Here are some of the cruise ship jobs that are currently available with MSC Cruises.

F&B Cruise Ship Jobs: Assistant Maitre D’Hotel, Sommelier, Assistant Bar Manager

Culinary Cruise Ship Jobs: Yacht Club Chef De Cuisine, Maître Chocolatier, Executive Pastry Chef, Head of Pastry and Bakery, Sous Chef,

Entertainment Cruise Ship Jobs: Dance Instructor, Cruise Staff Manager, Entertainment & Smart Ships Multimedia Technician

Guest Relations Cruise Ship Jobs: Yacht Club Concierge, Shore Excursion Manager, Shore Excursion Host, Bicycle Host, Guest Relations Manager

Spa Cruise Ship Jobs: Spa Doctor, Spa Manager, Hairdresser/Barber, Massage Therapist

Other Hotel Cruise Ship Jobs: Photo Lab Technician, Photo Services Manager, Junior Jeweler, Boutique Associate, Inventory Officer

Deck Department Cruise Ship Jobs: First Deck Officer, Second Deck Officer, Doctor, Nurse, Facilities Director

Engine Department Cruise Ship Jobs: Third Engineer, First Engineer, Second Engineer, Refrigeration Technician, Plumber, LNG Crew Officer Specialist, Chief Electrician, First Electrician, Electronic Officer

How to Apply for Cruise Ship Jobs

To apply for cruise ship job with MSC Cruises, visit their career pages of their website. Follow the above steps to choose the cruise ship job you are interested in. You will need to register an account with them to make an application, whether you want to apply for a vacancy or want to introduce yourself. Carefully complete all sections in the application procedure to have the greatest chance of success. At the end of the application process, you may be asked to take one or several online tests and could be invited to a video interview.

MSC Cruises also uses a global network of hiring partners for cruise jobs in Housekeeping, Culinary, Bar, Dining Service, and applicants for the jobs of Deck Ratings and Engine Ratings. If you want to apply for a cruise ship job, but there is no vacancy listed on MSC Cruises website, applicants can contact one of MSC Cruises authorized hiring partners.

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Posted:  November 12, 2021