Tradewind Voyages Cruise Ship Jobs

Tradewind Voyages Cruise Jobs
Tradewind Voyages Cruise Jobs

Tradewind Voyages operates one five-masted, sailing, tall ship. Here’s how to apply for cruise ship jobs with them.

About Tradewind Voyages

Golden Horizon is a five-masted luxury tall ship. It was originally built for Star Clippers, but after a contract dispute, the shipyard retained ownership of the vessel. The Brodosplit Shipyard charters the sailing ship to Tradewind Voyages which started cruising in May 2021.

How to Apply for Cruise Ship Jobs

V. Ships Leisure is Tradewind Voyages’ hiring partner. They assist with recruiting and managing of the crew for deck, engine, and hotel positions onboard.

Cruise Line Website: Tradewind Voyages
Employment Pages:  Tradewind Voyages Jobs
Cruise Jobs Email: [email protected]
Hiring Partner: V. Ships Leisure

Updated: November 13, 2021