Cruise Job Postings with Norwegian Cruise Line [January 2021]

Norwegian Cruise Line Job Postings
Norwegian Cruise Line Job Postings

Currently, there are nearly 30 types cruise ship jobs that Norwegian Cruise Line is actively recruiting for. One of Norwegian Cruise Line’s hiring partners, V. Ships has listings on their website for contracts that start as soon as February 15, 2021. Additionally, Norwegian Cruise Line’s employment pages indicate additional active job openings.

Is Norwegian Cruise Line Hiring?

The short answer is yes! Although the cruise industry is currently on pause due to the pandemic, this doesn’t mean that there isn’t a need for crew. Cruise ships worldwide are continuously changing their crew onboard. Each cruise ship requires a minimum complement of crew to carry out essential duties. And, as in normal operational periods, crew changes occur on a regular basis as contracts come to an end.

Although Norwegian Cruise Line has extended the suspension of their cruise operations through April 2021, they continue to operate 17 cruise ships with plans to welcome six more ships between 2022 and 2027.

Cruise Ship Jobs with Norwegian Cruise Line

Norwegian Cruise Line works with a global network of hiring partners to provide crew to their cruise ships. One of those hiring partners is V. Ships. V. Ships has job listings for 26 different cruise ship jobs with Norwegian Cruise Line that were posted as recent as January 14th, 2021 with a joining date of February 15, 2021.

They are looking for crew ready to join NCL cruise ships for a short-term project. Salary will be in USD/per month, to be discussed upon interview. This is a temporary 3-month contract. They require previous experience, valid STCWs, good references/recommendations and C1/D visa.

They are hiring for the following cruise ship jobs:

3rd Engineer
Deck Repairman
Assistant Carpenter
Engine Store Keeper
Electrician Assistant
2nd Engineer
2nd Electrician
Junior Deck Seafarer
Assistant Refrigeration Engineer
1st Repairman
Engine Repairman
1st Bosun
2nd Refrigeration Engineer
Refrigeration Mechanic
Security Guard
Junior Engine Seafarer
2nd Electro Technical Officer
Chief Repairman
Fitter Mechanic

To apply for these jobs, visit V. Ships Job Opening pages.

Other Norwegian Cruise Line Jobs

Norwegian Cruise Line’s website also has links to additional cruise ship jobs. On December 10, 2020, they reposted a job listing for Public Health Officer.

If you’re interested in being considered for the position of Public Health Officer, visit the shipboard employment page of Norwegian Cruise Line’s website. Click on “Positions Available”. That will bring you to their “Career Opportunities Page”. Click on “Search Jobs” and you will see the job posting for Public Health Officer. To apply for the job, click the blue APPLY button at the top of job posting to get started. All candidates must complete an on-line application to be considered.

Posted January 16, 2020