Holland America Hiring Partners for Cruise Jobs

Cruise Ship Jobs with Holland America
Cruise Ship Jobs with Holland America

Holland America works with a worldwide network of recruitment partners to select and support their crew. Only the agencies that they list on their employment pages of their website are authorized by Holland America to recruit on their behalf.

Is Holland America Hiring?

Currently Holland America owns and operates a fleet of 10 cruise ships with another ship scheduled to debut in 2021. Although most of the cruise industry is currently paused, their cruise ships around the world are routinely changing their onboard crew as contracts end. Additionally, some crew may not continue to pursue their careers at sea, leaving the opportunities available for new crewmembers.

Holland America does not post job openings directly on their website. Instead, they rely on their hiring partners to screen and recruit new hires. Contact the recruitment agency that is closest to your permanent residence and only discuss employment opportunities with the agencies/partners listed below.

How to Apply for Holland America Jobs

Only the hiring partners listed on their website are authorized to provide recruitment and placement services for Holland America Line. They are as follows:

Alternatively, for cruise ship jobs in Entertainment, Medical, Casino, and Spa, refer to Holland America Cruise Jobs for additional links.

Posted:  February 3, 2021