How to Apply Online for Cruise Jobs

Online Cruise Ship Applications
Online Cruise Ship Applications

Applying online for cruise ship jobs is required by most cruise lines as the initial step of the application process, but applicants should only apply directly through cruise line websites and/or their authorized hiring partners. Job seekers need to be aware of employment scams, resume blasting, and not to apply through agencies or websites that are not authorized by cruise lines. Here are some guidelines for online cruise ship applications.

Online Applications for Cruise Ship Jobs

Most of the major cruise lines and many small cruise lines allow job seekers to apply directly through their cruise line’s employment webpages. Additionally, many cruise lines recruit their officers and crew through a network of approved employment agencies, also known as hiring partners. These recruitment partners locate, screen, and interview potential employees on the cruise line’s behalf.

Interested candidates register their profile and upload their resume on the cruise line or the agency’s website. Alternatively, some cruise lines and authorized agencies provide an email address where to send a resume and cover letter. Only send your resume and personal information through a secure online application that mails to a legit email address. Cruise lines’ employment pages have links to hiring partners that represent the country where the applicant resides.

Avoid Employment Scams for Cruise Ship Jobs

Cruise lines are well aware that there are fraudulent entities around the world presenting themselves as cruise line recruiters. In fact, cruise lines such as Royal Caribbean, Princess Cruises, Carnival Cruise Lines, Cunard Line, and Crystal Cruises all advise job seekers visiting their employment pages, to be aware of such scams. Cruise lines encourage applicants to use only the hiring partners listed on their website and warn against other companies or agencies that charge a fee.

Besides legitimate cruise line recruiters not soliciting money from applicants, cruise ship employment scams to be aware of are email phishing and resume blasting. Email phishing, such as an unsolicited job offer is intended to acquire your personal information or for you to send payment in order to get a job. Keep in mind that if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is, and definitely a red flag.

Comparatively, some fraudulent agencies or websites invite jobseekers to upload their resume and personal information into the website’s employment database. In reality, cruise line recruiters do not access these types of third-party websites looking for applicants. Also, beware of “services” that include forwarding your resume to hundreds of companies and recruiting agencies. In this case, you aren’t able to customize your resume for a specific employer and will minimize the chances of your resume being read.

How to Fill Out Applications for Cruise Jobs

When completing the online job application, make sure to follow all the instructions laid out by the cruise line. Remember that the purpose of your resume is to get an interview.  If you can’t follow the simple directions that are required, how will you be as an employee? Try to complete all the information at the same time without leaving blank fields on the template.

Applicants may also be required to upload a copy of their resume into an online application. If you need to upload a Word doc or a PDF, no problem. Keep in mind that there may be an issue if you try to copy and paste a resume directly into a field in an online template because of fonts, etc. Also important is to make sure you have a customized resume for the cruise line and cruise job you are applying for.

One of the most import elements of completing an online application is using keywords in your profile and your resume. Keywords are verbs or phrases that are job specific or can even be company specific. Recruiters are looking for specific keywords when reading a resume. Additionally, many cruise line recruiters use an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) which sorts resumes by keywords as they are indexed into a resume database.

Follow up After an Online Job Application

After completing an online application to a cruise line recruiter, it’s important to follow up. Applicants that follow up set themselves apart from those that don’t follow up. Start with finding out the name of a hiring manager (ie. through LinkedIn) and send a follow up email with a copy of your resume. Whether you wait a week or a couple weeks, follow up is one of the most important steps of the application process.

Posted: October 20, 2020