V. Ships Crew Cruise Ship Job Postings [April 2021]

Cruise Ship Jobs with V.Ships Crew
Cruise Ship Jobs with V.Ships Crew

V. Crew (aka: V. Ships Crew) currently has over 130 cruise ship jobs listed on their website. They are a global recruitment partner for the cruise industry, supporting over 100 vessels around the world.

Which Cruise Lines are Hiring?

V. Crew has recruitment and training centers in 30 countries and manage a network of over 10,000 leisure specific crew, the largest independent crew network in the industry. They are a global recruitment partner for numerous cruise lines that depend on them to recruit qualified crew for their ships.

Currently, V. Crew have over 130 job postings for passenger vessels listed on their recruiting website. The cruise lines with active job postings are:

Silversea Cruises
Saga Cruises
Ritz Carlton Yacht Collection
Astro Ocean Cruises – Pianoland
Royal Caribbean International
Celebrity Cruises
Mystic Ocean Cruises
Quark Expeditions
Jian You Cruise Ship Limited – MV Charming (ex-Sea Princess)

How to Apply for Cruise Ship Jobs

To apply for cruise ship jobs with the above cruise lines, visit V. Crew’s website. Interested applicants will need to create an account with V. Ships Crew first in order to be able to apply for jobs directly through their website. Alternatively, visit each cruise line’s website for additional information on how to apply for cruise ship jobs.

Posted April 24, 2021